Loader bucket dead bed gave longer service life

Informations générales
Description du cas
The bucket has been lined with a dead bed of sorts made in Hardox® 500 and a protection for the front lip made in machined Hardox® 600. The material handled is sand with a 98% quartz content. The protection is welded under the front lip and creates a “sand cushion”, so direct sliding of the bucket on the sand is minimized, thus improving wear life. In the same fashion , the internal “dead bed” creates sand deposits that reduce the sliding wear. A year after the bucket is still in service and going strong, the former solution would have been repaired some 5 or 6 month ago and ready for a new patching.

Client final
Domaine d'activités
Mining Movable
Matière première traitée
Pièce d'usure
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Taille du matériau traité
< 10 mm / < 0,4"
Nouvelle solution
Hardox 500
Durée de vie
100% improved
Facteurs de succès clés
Coût initial réduit
70% lower