Mover knives with long service life

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Upgrade of the bolted cutting teethes to Hardox 450. The teethes are bolted to resist fatigue.  

-The result compared to previous mild steel is much better service life.  Movers can be dragged on rocky fields so there is a need for an upgrade


Theb weight reduction on the chassis is from 348 Kg to 218 Kg.

The service life of the movers were extended with 5-6 years.

Client final
Domaine d'activités
Industries agricole, forestière et pêche
Matière première traitée
Pièce d'usure
Shredders / Knives
Taille du matériau traité
< 10 mm / < 0,4"
Nouvelle solution
Hardox 450
11 mm
Durée de vie
increased about 5-6 years
Facteurs de succès clés
Durée de vie prolongée
about 5-6 years