Pressing screen for meat and bones with long service life

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Pressing screen for "meat and bone meal" - called also as "bone flour". The "flour" is pressed through the screen in final stage of production to homogenize the mixture. The screen has to resist wear and rather high press too. We also suppose that Hardox® 500 will better resist against cracks and damage, when wall thickness between holes decrease.

The previous material was C60 (carbon steel, 0,6% C)


Client final
Domaine d'activités
Pièce d'usure
Shredders / Screens
Taille du matériau traité
10 – 300 mm / 0,4 – 12"
Nouvelle solution
Hardox 500
50 mm
Facteurs de succès clés
Durée de vie prolongée
+ 50 hours